Boys are shooters. I just upload and write me aka, enjoying Brno Cana

In the summer’s preparation, he pushed his puck into the head and out of an unpleasant moment, “only” with a capillary crack. After the start of the Extraliga, he had to serve twice the distance for the foul at Zubský Kubiš. That would be bad luck at Brno’s striker Jan Káňa at the beginning of the season?


The whole Kometa hockey team is better for goals, points and especially for comfort. “The expectation is that we will play upstairs, and it is good that we are going,” 24-year-old Kana said. “We will do everything to keep it going.”

The last time in Brno guests were taken from Litvínov, the comet on Tuesday night devastated 7: 1.Káňa and his assistant assistants Leoš Čermák and Martin Dočekal from the third formation recorded Káňa four times. “We are delighted that they are doing well,” said Martin Pešout, Brno coach. “We have a broad footer and we are glad to be able to use his strength.”

It illustrates what the spell of the current second extraliga is.Although the goals of Brno were to shoot the first two offensive formations, Litvínov dismantled a line which had completely different tasks – to defend, to ride and tire opponents. “We’ve played together last year and we know what to expect from each other,” said Kana, co-operating with Captain Cermak and shooter Dočekal. “And we’re pleased to help with the goal, in addition to the team’s defenses.”

As if in a heavily reinforced comet that has been knocking over the title, it has also turned Cana.Out of the guy who can make a harder and more stubborn defenseman, he has become a soviet recorder. “We have already made fun of him that he is a pity to score a goal, he could only collect the assistant,” Dočekal grinned, who scored twice on Tuesday.

At both of them he was assisted by Káňa, whose uncle is the famous Petr Čajánek. Even with a three-point pre-night event, the six-pass comet of the Comet jumped to the forefront of extralig statistics in assists. “The boys are the shooters,” the young bastard refused to praise. “I would rather say that they have a form and give goals.I’m just going to upload them and write a song, “said Káňa, who shares with Chomutov Vondrka, Hyka of Mladá Boleslav and Sparti Pech.

Unlike the competitors, the technician from Komety needed to six precise passes of two duels less. “It’s good, individuals are making points, and they’re really getting the team,” says Cana. For the eighth point in a row, the Comet will set off on Friday in the last Ice Pardubice.


After a year again in Vienna. We want to win, the football players of Pilsen are coming

“We have been able to join the European League, we have a full month in the Czech league. We certainly respect the strength of Austria, but we are going to the match with the fact that we want to win, “said coach Roman Pivarník before taking off at Václav Havel Airport.

Victorians flew to Vienna on Wednesday morning complete with healed marods Hromada and Kopic , although their start remains uncertain. Lunch was already in Vienna, and in the evening, Ernst Happel was staging a pre-match training.

“If we played with Rapid there are 50,000 spectators and the stadium is sold out. I do not know, “added internet betting Pilsner coach, who shone in Rapid in the 1990s.

Pilsen footballers do not have the best memories in Vienna.Last year, in the European League, Rapida 2: 3 had just succumbed to the same stadium.

“I remember the Rapid match, we certainly had a victory.We will give everything to the match with Austria and hopefully this time we will have three points in the match with our fans, “said David Limbersky, one of Rapid’s remembers, who victorians succumbed to domestic revenge 1: 2.

“Rapid has played a bit better football in recent years,” Pivarník coached by comparing Viennese units. “But as I looked at Austria, it is a very good team that is very strong on the ball, wants to online bookmaker dictate the game and we can not underestimate anything,” pointed out Pivarník. His team did not win in the European Cups ten matches in a row, out of six last five draws.

This year’s European Championships both teams have entered quite successfully.The victorians were drawn home with the famous AS Rome (1: 1), Austria even brought a victory over Astro Giorgio (3: 2) from the warm Romanian lands.

Many fans of Victoria are heading to Vienna, be more than a thousand. “We are looking forward to their support and we believe they will hear a lot,” Pivarnik told them. And fans can look forward to an exciting pre-match, in which younger players under the age of 17 meet at the Laaerbergstrasse stadium at 15am.

Mercedes may already defend the title in the F1 Constructors Cup on Sunday


There is no doubt about the title for the Mercedes team, although last year they did not win their car in Malaysia and both drivers had to bow to Sebastian Vettel with the Ferrari monopost. Of the last 53 races, the Mercedes has won 46, this year not more than once. Rosberg won eight times, three times the world champion Hamilton six times. Just the Dutchman Max Verstappen from Red Bull has been able to defeat both of them this year.

“Last year we did not show the performance we had in Sepang. So we have to fix this year, “said Mercedes This Wolff. “We have great riders and cars in good shape, so we have to use our own hands to get the ball to the goal line,” he added.

It’s hard to prepare Mercedes for a designer’s cup.Won the qualification fifty of the last 53 attempts and only once this year did not want to start at the head.

“In recent weeks I immensely successful, and these moments enjoying terribly,” Rosberg said. “But nowhere is it written that I will win all the time. Lewis is hungry after the victory, defending Vettel will surely want. It’s not just about the game Mercedes, “said the German driver.

For the opponent speaks the fact that the circuit’s new surface, have been adjusted and some corners and riders will therefore be a little unfamiliar environment. That could play into not Vettel, who won at Sepang four times, most recently last year with Ferrari and ended when the long wait Italian stables to win.

In the history of MS never lost the title a rider who has won at least eight races .So statistics speak for Rosberg. Three-time champion Hamilton, however, wants to change. “I have a small loss and six races remain. That’s enough, “says Brit, who will be attacking his 50th career victory.

This year’s F1 is like a swing. In the first third of the championship, Hamilton lost 43 points, but after six victories of seven races at the same time led by 19 points. In Malaysia again, the Brit may outweigh the sinusoid.

Ogier has the first chance in France to secure the fourth title


Twenty-two-year-old Frenchman has 59 points in the lead of the team, Andreas Mikkelsen from Norway, the theoretical chance for a total triumph has another five of his persecutors.

hands.If he wins in Corsica and gets a maximum of 28 points (even with three bonus points for the top spot in the Super Eze), Mikkeslen must not earn more than three points. The chance of New Zealand Hayden Paddon, Thierry Neuvilla from Belgium, Jari-Matti Latvala from Finland, Spaniard Dani Sorda and Mats Östberg from Norway are significantly smaller.

The Gap native will enjoy the next title if after the end of the home rally, he will have a breakthrough of 84 points for the nearest pursuer.

However, Ogier is more likely to concentrate on rally success than last year’s Corsica. After finishing technical problems on Friday and receiving a ten-minute penalty, he finished up to the fifteenth.

“Corsica is not an easy rally.The track consists of a number of new sections and many others have been changed. I like to make similar changes, but they will make a new challenge from the rally. The French rally has not been successful in the past two years, now we want to fight for victory again, “Ogier said. The King of Contemporary Automobile Competitions won the previous German rally and finished almost half a year of waiting for the World Championship. “I expect that, as in Germany, Corsica will be fighting for the victory to the very conclusion of several riders,” Ogier said.

At the start of the island competition will also be missing the factory driver Skoda Jan Kopecký, who will try to revive your chance for a WRC2 title.It is up to eighth at the moment, but only six results are counted in the final score.

“Corsica is one of the biggest challenges in the world championship season. Riders must treat gentlemen with tires and brakes. Very long speed tests do not forgive any concentration failure. I feel in top form. And fabie is a car that allows for excellent results, “said Kopecký, who wants to win the rally in his category. In the past there were three times the second when the competition was part of the IRC and ME series.

Willem II – Heracles Almelo 3:1

Tilburg achieved an extremely valuable three points in the home with Heracles and after a 3: 1 win he moved away from the descent. Currently, the Eredivisie table is fourteenth four in the Eredivisie table and four points in front of Twente’s sixteenth barrage. Almelo, on the other hand, failed to build on the improving form of the last time, the first twenty minute of the match and the ninth place with 18 points.

Willem had a very glamorous entry into the game and just three goals after just twenty minutes. A great form was confirmed by Nigerian gunman Bartholomew Ogbeche, who, after hat-trick with Venl this time, headed black twice. The home could get into the lead after two minutes, after the center of Azzoui left the sloping Ogbeche just a farther construction. For another two minutes, another Forward Fran Sol took over.

The Spanish Sharpshooter has scored the seventh in this year’s Eredivisie, and this goal really was worth it. Rienstra put the ball on the left to the penalty area and then sent him to the front pole, where Sol solved a fantastic foothold with surprised goalkeeper Castro. After less than a quarter of a game, Ogbech’s home lead increased when he knocked Haye’s pass from his right wing and headed from the edge of the goal area uncomprehending the net.

The guests made their first appearance in the 18th minute, against Branderhorst’s brilliance. The Tilburg victory was definitely decided in the 21st minute. On the right, Sol relaxed and then backed up the balloon directly against the Ogbeche kicker, and the home attacker then hung on the ground to the left stick. About five minutes before the break, he was only on the side of the active Rienstra in a 100% chance.

Branderhorst once again distinguished himself when he consulted with a pungent blow of twenty meters. Willem defended himself responsibly in the second half and did not let anything to his opponent. He could have added a fourth run in the 80th minute, Chirivella by a misshapen missed the left pole just by the hair. Assistant coach John Stegeman at least corrected the result six minutes later, after a few seconds on the pitch scored from the substitute Sebastian Jakubiak.

Feyenoord Rotterdam – SBV Vitesse 1:0

The duel of two teams that did not represent their country very well in the autumn in European Cups, and who were in front of each other in the table, fell better for Feyenoord. Eredivisie has fought his opponent for the fifth consecutive time thanks to Nicolai Jörgensen. Vitesse did not score a goal for the fourth time.

It took just a few seconds from the opening whistle of Judge van Boekel, and with his attempt at the distance he was deluding Dabo, in any case home keeper Jones did not endanger him as he was out. The Rotterdam team made their first chance in the 7th minute, but after the Nieuwkoop pass, Jörgensen still shot only Pasveer.

The visiting goalman eventually surrendered a few moments later. Amrabat played in the middle of Berghuis, who immediately sent him to the sixteen. From there, another record went on the goal line, and Jörgensen then easily headed into the Betclic welcome bonus open gates. Feyenoord continued to exert pressure and the Danish striker was simply untenable.

In the 12th minute, Berghuis was in a lined position after finishing with a short finish, so Pasveer easily advised. Vitesse then ranked higher and could really cope. Matavz was in the 22nd minute, but he was close to the well-timed Jones.

Attacking football was also seen in the following minutes, after the center of Nieuwkoopa on the right side tried to insure the lead Vilhena, but headed only the head. In the 31st minute, his teammate Larsson burned out Pasveer, and the late-for-the-minute attempt of the Swedish forvard from the 40th minute was also unattractive.

The second half did not offer so much Unibet online sports betting offensive fun. Feyenoord seemed to concentrate more on the defensive, Vitesse frowning ahead. Not once did Jones do the surgery. On the other hand, the Rotterdam team was not far in the final minutes, but Jörgensen and Larsson were able to pick up pretty busy Pasveer.

VVV Venlo – AZ Alkmaar 0:2

Alkmaar soccer players confirmed the role of a favorite of the newcomer from Venlo and after a 2-0 win they moved to second place with a score of three points two by third Ajax. In addition, in the highest Dutch competition, they have won the sixth in a row and are in excellent form. However, their Sunday victory was not easy, the guests put both of their goals in the final twenty minutes. VVV is thirteen with fifteen points. The first bigger option came home after eight minutes of play, when Thy, after van Bruggen’s pass, made his way completely on the Bizotto goalie, but only a gunshot. Roughly after twenty minutes, Vito van Crooij fired Vito van Crooij very dangerously and his attempt missed the right pole by just a few decimeters. Venlo immediately burned out the biggest chances of the whole match, and reactivated Thy again. He made it easy to reach the home’s defenders in the game. Leemanse was very close to getting through on the right, but his shot deflected off the post. In the 30th minute the AZ was premier, and after the Koopmeiners, the lone Captain Weghorst came in front of goalman Delanem van Crooy and was unable to burn down. In the middle of the season, Koopmeiners showed another extraordinary record, and Ouwejan tried it out of a sharp angle, but he missed the construction. In the second half, Alkmaar was dominated by the land, and he also got more goals. After an hour’s game, Jahanbakhsh put the ball right onto the empty abnorm for a fine attempt, but the ball went wide. The score was then 0 – 3. The game was characterized by rough play and the ball dropped to 73 minutes. Jahanbakhshe’s Ralf Seuntjens placed the ball right at his teammate’s feet after a corner, but van Crooy could not finish. Seven minutes later he could offset the opposing Opok when he did not reach the Leemans only a few inches after a minute on the pitch. The guests secure their lead for another four minutes. Mats Seuntjens made the most of his chance to put his team up by another goal. Pantelis Hatzidiakos was first to reach a ball from the left and squeezed the ball in the counter. Venlo had no answer for this blow.

PSV Eindhoven – Sparta Rotterdam 1:0

PSV Eindhoven has managed a duel with Sparta Rotterdam, and has won the most in the highest Dutch competition, but the situation was much bigger. The home team managed to score 1: 0, the only goal shortly after the break was Luuk de Jong. Philippe Cocuy’s coach confidants are thirty-nine in the lead, and hold a solid 8-point lead ahead of Alkmaar.

The Rotterdam team showed an attentive defensive play and had a tough impression, dropping to Eredivisia on the sixteenth barrage with eleven points. The favorite of this match was a huge advantage from the very beginning and could definitely have more than one goal. Already in the 2 minutes did the defensive intervention Goodwin and goalkeeper Kortsmit had to do to keep the ball in front of the goal line.

Three minutes later he was in Lozano, but the referees allowed him to continue the game and after a shot, one of the Sparta players dug up the goal line. After a quarter of a game, Pereiro pushed the ball into Locadio, the excellent Kortsmit set off a hard shot twelve yards ahead of him to his teammate. In the 20th minute the guests were cornering, the long-range Floranus bang the goalie Zoet just a corner kick.

Eight minutes later, Kortsmit pulled out of Locaid’s brilliance, Zoet flashed on the other side at the close of Proschwitz’s wound. PSV entered the second act more deliberately and the lead scored in the 52nd minute. In the middle of de Jong, he headed to the beautiful center of Brenet and, from the border of the goal area, directed the soft ball to a more distant construction. The home had calmed down from this moment and wanted to insure their lead.

The crushing pressure was about twenty minutes before the final whistle. First, after Lozano’s passport, Pereiro and Kortsmit fantastically pushed the ball over their goal. Then, in the next attempt, van Ginkel and the Sparta guard rescued him again. Van Ginkel then tried technically from the border of sixteen and shot a bar. In the remaining minutes they did not want to make a mistake and kept the lead.

Atalanta Bergamo – Everton FC 3:0

Atalanta returned to the European Cups to the top, because no one had expected such an easy victory over a high-quality jack. To the masses of the not-so-well-playing Toffees, Masiello, Gomez and Cristante were also hit.

The leased Sassuola stadium today said “Sir” Atalanta, who played for the European League after a long pause. Coach Gasperini may have been more focused on selecting the right players and saw that everyone who goes to the match will play the most. He relied on experienced support such as Tolo, Freuler, Berisha, de Roon, Petagna or Gómez. English Everton came in a modified set where Keane, Bešić, Calvert-Lewin or Holgate came in.

But the English did not expect the home team to let go of it. The fact that Atalanta plays very well on the ground and is not easy to defend it, that the players knew well. However, they fully understood it in the game itself. From the beginning, it was the La Dea players who played Goreme, Hateboer or Castagne before the gate of Maarten Stekelenburg.

Everton burned the first chance. Vlašić tried to get the balloon into lime and with some luck he finally managed to send him to Sigurdsson. But his goal keeper, Etrit Berisha, saw it well and he managed to get away. He then overcame the legendary Wayne Rooney, but his lob finished close to the home gates! On the other side, Andrea Petagna almost got into the escape, but at the last moment he put the stopper of the Jagielka stator.

Atalanta increased her pace and soon received her rewards. With 27 minutes played, Maarten Stekelenburg hit the ground hard, but he refused the attention of the trainer and rejoined his teammates on the pitch. Papu Gomez found only Bešić, but he accidentally pushed the ball behind him, where Andrea Masiello appeared – 1: 0 for Atalanta!

Domestic players continue to play very easily, while defending them attentively. They actively attacked Toffees and the English team had a very difficult role. Goalkeeper Stekelenburg has prolonged the wound of Alejandro Gomez after Castagne’s recording. The English continued to make a dull and demanding performance, which did not tolerate domestic. The home crowd was not impressed when Alejandro Gómez came in from the right, shooting hard to score after 86 minutes.

Five minutes before the end of the first half, Stadio Cittá di Tricolore shuddered in the foundations and Bergamaschi again played football. But it was not all because the guests with even more moods went to the dressing room. Hateboer stops the evolving host event and sends the ball to Petagn. The high balloon striker swung to the other side, and to the middle of the field, he shot Bryan Cristantem on the run. He did not jump out of the balloon, so he could go up to his lime. Then he only had to miss the goal keeper and enjoy another goal! Toffees defeated again.

NK Rijeka – AEK Atény 1:2

The home favorite surprisingly succumbed to the fighting Greek rival, who dares three points. After the Mantalos and Eleze goals, the first half finished with a draw, but only the visiting veteran Lazaros Christodoulopoulos, who won the Athenaeum, rejoiced Unibet after the change.

Rijeka was considered a clear favorite in the home stadium because he has a very interesting team. In addition, there was no key player, despite the absence of four players at a Greek rival. The match was more or less balanced, and if we had more chances, it was mostly shooting.

Jakob Johansson checked the goalie of Rijeka with a Unibet online free bets dangerous shot, But Jungle advised. The visitors added to their lead 16 minutes into the game, after a sensational penalty kick by Rijeka. After a balloon center, he eventually reached Petros Mantalos, who could clean up the net first of all and send guests to the lead!

Even before the 30th minute hit the game, it managed to make a home match. Again at the beginning of the standard situation, namely the corner kick. From him the balloon found a backpack of young defender Josip Elez, who used his speed and Unibet emphasis to compare – 1: 1.

At the end of the first half, Mantalos was able to hit again, but he managed to overtake the goal. At the end of the second half, it was obvious that the Prskalo player did not have a problem, The start of the second half was a similar, not very dramatic pace.

The headline is not the best deal, but the guest Marko Livaja tried – Unibet unsuccessfully. A few minutes later, however, he and other colleagues could rejoice. Lazaros Christodoulopoulos had a good opportunity to attack in the middle, but remembered their instructions to rather go for wing attacks. Goalkeeper Andrei Prskalo stretched out in vain.

The pressure on the visitors continued. Livaja was centrist and Lazaros Christodulopulos was completely free of charge, but this time he did not give Unibet much power. And when the Acosty shot at a good distance, he failed completely five minutes before the end and burned a lot off.