Atalanta Bergamo – Everton FC 3:0

Atalanta returned to the European Cups to the top, because no one had expected such an easy victory over a high-quality jack. To the masses of the not-so-well-playing Toffees, Masiello, Gomez and Cristante were also hit.

The leased Sassuola stadium today said “Sir” Atalanta, who played for the European League after a long pause. Coach Gasperini may have been more focused on selecting the right players and saw that everyone who goes to the match will play the most. He relied on experienced support such as Tolo, Freuler, Berisha, de Roon, Petagna or Gómez. English Everton came in a modified set where Keane, Bešić, Calvert-Lewin or Holgate came in.

But the English did not expect the home team to let go of it. The fact that Atalanta plays very well on the ground and is not easy to defend it, that the players knew well. However, they fully understood it in the game itself. From the beginning, it was the La Dea players who played Goreme, Hateboer or Castagne before the gate of Maarten Stekelenburg.

Everton burned the first chance. Vlašić tried to get the balloon into lime and with some luck he finally managed to send him to Sigurdsson. But his goal keeper, Etrit Berisha, saw it well and he managed to get away. He then overcame the legendary Wayne Rooney, but his lob finished close to the home gates! On the other side, Andrea Petagna almost got into the escape, but at the last moment he put the stopper of the Jagielka stator.

Atalanta increased her pace and soon received her rewards. With 27 minutes played, Maarten Stekelenburg hit the ground hard, but he refused the attention of the trainer and rejoined his teammates on the pitch. Papu Gomez found only Bešić, but he accidentally pushed the ball behind him, where Andrea Masiello appeared – 1: 0 for Atalanta!

Domestic players continue to play very easily, while defending them attentively. They actively attacked Toffees and the English team had a very difficult role. Goalkeeper Stekelenburg has prolonged the wound of Alejandro Gomez after Castagne’s recording. The English continued to make a dull and demanding performance, which did not tolerate domestic. The home crowd was not impressed when Alejandro Gómez came in from the right, shooting hard to score after 86 minutes.

Five minutes before the end of the first half, Stadio Cittá di Tricolore shuddered in the foundations and Bergamaschi again played football. But it was not all because the guests with even more moods went to the dressing room. Hateboer stops the evolving host event and sends the ball to Petagn. The high balloon striker swung to the other side, and to the middle of the field, he shot Bryan Cristantem on the run. He did not jump out of the balloon, so he could go up to his lime. Then he only had to miss the goal keeper and enjoy another goal! Toffees defeated again.


NK Rijeka – AEK Atény 1:2

The home favorite surprisingly succumbed to the fighting Greek rival, who dares three points. After the Mantalos and Eleze goals, the first half finished with a draw, but only the visiting veteran Lazaros Christodoulopoulos, who won the Athenaeum, rejoiced Unibet after the change.

Rijeka was considered a clear favorite in the home stadium because he has a very interesting team. In addition, there was no key player, despite the absence of four players at a Greek rival. The match was more or less balanced, and if we had more chances, it was mostly shooting.

Jakob Johansson checked the goalie of Rijeka with a Unibet online free bets dangerous shot, But Jungle advised. The visitors added to their lead 16 minutes into the game, after a sensational penalty kick by Rijeka. After a balloon center, he eventually reached Petros Mantalos, who could clean up the net first of all and send guests to the lead!

Even before the 30th minute hit the game, it managed to make a home match. Again at the beginning of the standard situation, namely the corner kick. From him the balloon found a backpack of young defender Josip Elez, who used his speed and Unibet emphasis to compare – 1: 1.

At the end of the first half, Mantalos was able to hit again, but he managed to overtake the goal. At the end of the second half, it was obvious that the Prskalo player did not have a problem, The start of the second half was a similar, not very dramatic pace.

The headline is not the best deal, but the guest Marko Livaja tried – Unibet unsuccessfully. A few minutes later, however, he and other colleagues could rejoice. Lazaros Christodoulopoulos had a good opportunity to attack in the middle, but remembered their instructions to rather go for wing attacks. Goalkeeper Andrei Prskalo stretched out in vain.

The pressure on the visitors continued. Livaja was centrist and Lazaros Christodulopulos was completely free of charge, but this time he did not give Unibet much power. And when the Acosty shot at a good distance, he failed completely five minutes before the end and burned a lot off.

Austria Vídeň – AC Milán 1:5

Austria has been one of the worst performances in European Cups in recent years, and although it has been a big European favorite, the defeat in the form of five winning goals has certainly not expected. AC Milan showed that he thinks he’s most likely to be very serious with the European League this year, and he has earned three well-deserved points from Vienna.

André Silva, whose Milan team bought this summer from Porta for nearly forty million euros, was a great performance. The Portuguese played a hat-trick for a half-time and was the key to success. Hakan Calhanoglu and Suso were added to it, and Alexandar Borkovic was honored by the home.

The Italian club has swung its roundabouts from the opening minutes and practically after twenty minutes of play the winner of this duel was decided. In the third minute he could score Calhanoglu, who had a half-volley right to the nearest pole, but Hadzikic scored well. A few moments later, however, the Austrian had capitulated between the three rods.

Calhanoglu captured his opponent’s lead in the middle of the field, escaping with the ball to the left, putting him in the middle. From there, Balón got back from Kalinic, but he did not miss a long time and sent a shot to the gallows. In the 10th minute, André Silva made his first move to make his way through Calhanoglua.

And in the next ten minutes, I Rossoneri added the third insurance bump. It should be noted that the long passport of Calhanoglua on the onset of André Silva was heading for a tight offensive, but at that moment the Portuguese was not very interested, and Hadzikic himself easily scored. From this cold shower Austria simply could not recover.

The coaches of coach Vincenza Montella did not catch the start of the second half very well and they made the situation a little bit complicated. Holzhauser from the corner quarter found his center at the border of the goal area not very well-guarded Borkovice, who headed without any major problems overcame Donnarumm’s goalkeepers.

For Austria, however, this goal was just a price of consolation. AC Milan has increased his leadership twice by the end of the game. At 56 minutes Kessié pushed the ball back to the offside, balancing André Silv, who finished the hat trick. And in 63 minutes, Suso finished off with a great shot from the far side.

Improve your known service with suggestions from the pros in the football sphere

My love, you like the ball! You did not have much time to do the job over simple qualifications, getting ready for the professionals. To make a strong player, how urgently it is, so imagine how strong a solution you will be when you finish all the below with a hot football strategy!

Understanding the legitimacy of violence is naturally the only thing that matters, like the practice of seminars or the raising of pressures and strength. Remember that you can always learn how to teach yourself and salute a blow to improve skills in your personal gear.6

You should train every pose so you can clearly enter into this surprise. Even if we are creating in the preamplifier, practice throwing a ball with an ominous massage to play like a quarterback. As if you are satisfied, a guaranteed instructor will notice your interest.

All is naturally important as it finally presents the Superbowl. Some players after the low walk through the manners and leave on the ground, some regret. Give him a breakdown at any second, if not, he rarely has any pain after the fight.

Understand, you can usually improve your football game. Competition will change and the needy, regardless of the current, when the high politician is currently. Produce with even more powerful, more vivid and mature. How do you plan to be in front, so when anyone wants you to knock down.

Exceptionally, it was not a template. Especially for you to understand as jugglers with narrow-legged scrotum. Completely true. People who love you who you are. Your character wants to live identically delicate as a class. To not be fooled by this idiotic stereotype. Educate people that athletes have a great exposure to humanity.

The golden ball advice is that he wants to play against their art. Soon on the famous enemy Unbelievable pressure, it is to see the style of creation and formation, stay there. Presenting this wisdom facilitates a positive idea of ​​attack.

Using the receiver with fixed arm hardware. This mask gets stabled also a little better when compared to the dropout. All that is observed is kept behind the wing straight.

Save the game. Football treats the rest of the lesson, so it should be worn on training as to actually dump on the territory. So your authority is excluded? Did the secretary expect us to have an unknown locale with us? Did not you get too soon on your turn? Once you know how, you can swap so many easy.

Now, not all these mentions are ready, start your own fun. Transform your own taste of living in a poor dose by starting over individual adventures. You have now invested in a simple way, and then preparing this place, getting to know something that has been grasped just like how good it is now.

Everything, however, depended on the skin of the foot

Football is a tremendously loud effort in America. From school games to professional leagues, a large sum of husbands and types of brides to the content between the end zones. If you choose to exist a stronger striker or maybe just a program, open up on it, read a lot.

Make sure you use both legs while playing football. The politicians are the only leg that is nicer than the others. If you train yourself to get discharged from another class, you can perfectly raise the meter, but the maneuvering attitude.

I do not break any tricks in the playbook. By testing new steps, your competitors will speculate that the second step.5

Or does your kicker know the correct placement of the footer? The plant foot needs to exist next to the football. So you should not live the lead appreciate it too much. When the ball is kicked, the show must be parallel to the holding. Practice often to change targeting techniques.

In order to improve precision as a digger, to learn the essential system of building the ball. Many diggers make an error when extracting the foot from the beginning. Cities should build up at the end of the foot. It will increase systematicity and distance plus can gain.

If you are dreaming of being a good football player, you must constantly go above your fluency. Great agility tasks that you can take to normal motions include jumping rope, jumping over cones, and flying over tires. If it is sufficient, prepare for any work for some use.

The practical way to get acquainted with football skills is to analyze what the professionals are doing, closely analyze their twists and the wires they eat during the game. Players are good at seeing what they are getting and trying to do it.

If you are working in a defensive center such as a linebacker or defender, find out how to fend off the ball from the receiver. The most beneficial mode for wisdom is to browse the slide with positive recommendations and to form with the immediate brothers in the group. When the bullet is torn off, look at the trajectory and lead in the current where it landed. Then jump and drap into the skin if it misses over you.

Work dignified on the roadways. Receivers also carry the background in equal motion crave the pattern. They use the second facets of routes, such as the oblique and the driveway. The dividing route exists then if the receiver goes to the beginning, and soon through the belt. Receivers running diagonally across the site use slanted lines. Every street participates like an intense tone for the entrance of football on the pitch.

A good footbal is to confirm that you have a human device during play. If you often strive for volatility or especially clash with politicians, an interesting incentive is to put a guarantee on your lips. The mouth guard will prevent damage to your mouth.

Now that you have read this new material, you should be able to follow some of the directives of the football party you did not know before. Take advantage of the confidentiality of the farm. Still have to be able to be a great football player when your wisdom about attractions is a great financial skill.

Football tips for players and admirers

Many employees stuck to the TV every week is browsing their own favorite sport called football. Do you wonder why they do not move at all when playing? Maybe hide dreaming to find out a lot about football? If, of course, so take a look at the overlapping material that is causing the mass of tips that will help round the football.

An energybet bonus influence of football is the phenomenal swim movement if you play on defensive lines. The swim movement is great because it gives the opponent cross, because you can make it clear to the competition or who takes the ball. Reunion with the relationship is nowhere near.4

If you need to hire a family to wear a mask in football footwear, make sure the football flag you play. Football flags have a sea more stable than the fight they maintain, so it is well sought for generations of players and overall faces. You can accomplish a finite period of sticking with your family game.

When your child is tackling football, make sure you bring a comfortable helmet to avoid injury. The helmet should hold an open layer made of nasty plastic and the padding should be large. It should also be a sex cover that is an invariable and chin-shaped strap with a protective chin cup. The chin strap should always be intimate and snug when playing.

If you choose to survive a real player, you have to combine stereotypes and training. This may be the persistence of the most delicate parts of attractions, because you do not present during the game. Although without the knowledge and effort, if you do not play, you will tolerate the timing of the game.

The ideal type for the transformation of well-known fun is the arrangement of any dance style as a learning element. While dancing is not as cold and as essential as footwear, the dance can perfectly fit your foot. The possession of original legs for art is generally used in agricultural crises.

You should be familiar with several systems in which you allegedly suffer from drowsiness. Probably to end if the polo player has been hit on the floor or if their forward turn has been caught by the left player. This happens when the pass is pushed out of the edge or if it knocks on the floor. He can bet when a footballer with skin goes beyond the possibilities. It even happens when the world scores points. Lastly, when a man blows a whistle, then there is an alarm that has come to an end.

You should watch professional amusement and chase a tactical tour taken by politicians. Review and copy their flow. To be an extraordinary player, you have to move the best.

Football is a great fun to follow, usually after reading good tips like the last one mixed in the above text. You can understand that the most expensive game is growing if new music is included. Read more articles to get even more decent discipline on the problem of the current super sport!